Johnny Reed
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Get ready to bring the house down with the blues! Johnny Reed & The Houserockers, the balls-to-the-wall, let's-rock-till-dawn, blues-rock sensation from Toledo, Ohio.

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  1. Managing Director
    L-R: Jeff Williams, Johnny Reed, Rolly Rayman, Bill Cherry
    Us winning the "River City Blues Contest" in Parkersburg, WV
  2. Managing Director
    L-R: Harry Drew, Rolly Rayman, JR, Wild Bill, Jeff Williams
    Toledo's Superband getting down at Mickey Finns
  3. Managing Director
    L-R: H. Drew, R. Rayman, JR, Wild Bill, J. Williams
    The first of four victories for The NW Ohio Blues competition held by BSBS in Toledo, OH
  4. Managing Director
    R. Rayman, JR, Wild Bill, Jeff Williams
    On the road at Joey G's in Madison, IN
  5. Managing Director
    Danny Pratt, JR, Wild Bill
    On the road at TC's Speak Easy in Traverse City, MI
  6. Managing Director
    Buzz Anderson, JR
    Getting down at Russ' Roadhouse in Swanton, OH
  7. Managing Director
    Blowin' like hell
    JR on the road at FFB in Carrolton, KY
  8. Managing Director
    Rolly, Harry, JR, Wild Bill, Jeff
    On the road in Memphis, TN at The Blues City Cafe
  9. Managing Director
    Jeff Williams, Johnny Reed
    JW and JR rockin' the crowd at The Rum Boogie Cafe' in Memphis, TN
  10. Managing Director
    Purple Silhouette
    JR Purple Silhouette
  11. Managing Director
    Buzz Anderson and JR
    Jamming at the Third Street Cigar Bar in Waterville
  12. Managing Director
    JR and Art Griswold
    JR in the late 80's with his mentorer and Blues Father, Art Griswold doing a show in Indianapolis, IN outside The Broad Ripple Plaza
  13. Managing Director
    Buzz Anderson and JR
    FFB in Perrysburg, OH
  14. Managing Director
    The Griswolds, 1989 or 90
    L-R Roman Griswold, JR, Funky Monkey, Art Griswold
  15. Managing Director
    Houserockin' Bass Players
    L-R David Catfish Warner, Mike Hall, Wild Bill... They all just happened to be at the same place, wearing the same clothes!!! True Story!!!
  16. Managing Director
    Catfish and JR
    Opening for James Cotton at the Novi Blues Expo in 1999
  17. Managing Director
    Brothers From The East!
    Josh Boyd & JR Rockin' it at Mona's in Toledo
  18. Managing Director
    Johnny Reed and Big Bill Morganfield
    JR and Big Bill, (Son of Muddy Waters) making some adjustments for their show in Detroit